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The purpose of this section is not to scare you! However, I need to warn you about the limitations of this web site.

The purpose of this web site is to introduce you to the basic physics principles that underlie the workings of medical equipment. It is not intended to replace formal clinical advice and equipment training / manuals. You must refer to these and other formal resources for safe clinical care. If you use this information for clinical care, it will be completely at your own risk. The accuracy of information/ advice in this web site is not guaranteed in any way.

The material in this web site is intended to be mostly educational. However, the accuracy of the material is not guaranteed. Therefore, use this material in your education / career progression and other similar activities completely at your own risk.

In summary: The intention of this web site is to help you understand concepts that underlie medical equipment. However, nothing whatsoever is guaranteed to be accurate. Therefore, use it for clinical / educational purposes completely at your own risk.


The web site owner owns the copyright of the diagrams. He has spent many thousands of hours drawing them and has done them completely free of charge. Therefore , please respect the copyright.

You are free to use the diagrams in this web site for nonprofit personal or group teaching purposes, provided you clearly accompany the diagrams with the grey bar mentioning howequipmentworks.com ( similar to area in pink circle below).


Please promote the web site when you make use of it for your presentations.

Please do not , in any form, make these diagrams available on the internet.

Remember that howequipmentworks.com is online, free to use, and everybody is welcome to visit anytime, so there is no need to copy these diagrams !

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