A big Thank You !

  • Salim Salih and Abzer Kelminal for helping me sort out CO2 absorber equations
  • Mark Kroll and Kenneth Olson for clarifying the role inductors play in biphasic defibrillators
  • Sanduni Liyanage for proof reading the section on defibrillators
  • Fabrizio Gritti for translating Leonardo Da Vinci’s text
  • Oliver Cook for proof reading my section on the laryngeal masks.
  • Archie Brain for answering the many queries I had regarding the laryngeal mask prototypes.
  • Tim Smith and the Berkshire Medical Museum for allowing me to photograph the laryngeal mask prototype collection.
  • Tobias Vickers for introducing me to WordPress.
  • Paul Zilberman for spotting spelling mistake in donation page.
  • Sarah Dixon-Smith interning at AAGBI for images of original LMA in museum.
  • Mathew Culp for correcting material on electrical safety
  • Solange Desrues for reading through electrical safety and suggesting corrections.
  • Alex (Medical Maintenance) in New Zealand for some corrections in the pulse oximeter graphs.
  • Ali Hasani for making valuable corrections and suggestions in the Apollo 13 section.
  • To the team at the Sheffield Museum of Anaesthesia (Sheffield Department of Anaesthesia) for granting me permission (Dr. Ian Paterson) to use the museum images.
  • Tithira from Sri Lanka : For telling me that the spectral graph in capnography was the wrong way around.