Safety features of this website

Thank you for offering to donate. I know that before you donate, you will want to know that your credit / debit card information is handled in a safe way. I will explain the safety features employed by this website here.

The first thing is that this website communicates with your computer using what is called a “secure connection”. This makes it difficult for others to steal information. Your computer has some ways of showing you that the connection to this website is secure. One way it may do this is by displaying a “lock symbol” somewhere near the website address at the top of your computer screen.  For an example, the lock symbol may be placed before the website address as shown by the green arrow in the image below. In some computers the symbol may be placed elsewhere, but it should still be somewhere near the website address.

If you look at the top of your computer screen now, you should now see the lock symbol somewhere near the website address. This symbol may not be that clear on mobile phones.

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Secondly, the donation is collected by the well reputed and safe company called Stripe.

This is an internationally well known company that handles credit /debit card payments on websites. You can learn about the company by clicking here. Essentially, when you donate, your credit/debit card information  goes directly to Stripe via the secure connection we talked about earlier. This means that this website ( does not see or keep any record of your sensitive credit card information. Stripe is able to handle cards from many countries.

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Some of you may have a PayPal account. You can easily donate using PayPal. Click on icon below for more details.


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